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Supply Chain Fees Policy

1.1         Yorkshire Training Partnership are the consortium lead, contract holder. Adult Education Budget (AEB) provision and Apprenticeships are sub-contracted to consortium members in an attempt to bring variety and choice of quality provision. A variety of sector subject areas have been identified on the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) course directory. This gives specific details around the learning aims we fund as the Lead Provider.


1.2         Yorkshire Training Partnership Ltd consistently assess their Supply Chain Fees in order to align the content with their Operational Business Plan and ESFA Publishing requirements. Four specific rates have been set and implemented. These rates are to cover the complete management of provision which inform the consortium’s overall improvement activity and current funding priorities.


1.3         The management fee range is detailed below.

Fee Table

1.4         In addition to the management fee information provided here, providers will also be liable to pay an annual membership fee of £15. The membership fee, in addition to the management fee will fund additional services to the consortium, i.e. training events, collaboration and further support.


1.5         YTP will offer members/sub-contractors training opportunities; support from qualified staff and/or external consultants. Some training opportunities may attract a further nominal fee.


1.6         YTP will provide to the ESFA detailed Supply Chain Fee and retained funding information as set out in guidance to ensure transparency, consistency and fair practice are evidenced. This approach meets the statutory ESFA publication requirements concerning supply chain fees and provider sub-contracting methodology.


1.7         The provider cut-off schedule details the payment terms between YTP and its partner organisations. This also provides details of the timescales for paying invoices and claims for funding received.


1.8         YTP will support all partner provision through a robust and standardised observation process of teaching, learning and assessment. Observations will be undertaken aligned to levels of tutor risk and when grades/judgement words are used in light of the observation outcome; all observations will be moderated by a group of practitioners at periodic intervals throughout the year. This censored approach adds value and credibility to the process, ensuring impartiality throughout.


*All provider management fees will be reviewed by the Executive Management Team every 12 months to ensure consistency, fairness and transparency.


1.9         RAG rating (Red, Amber and Green) is used as ‘balance score card markers’ by YTP to determine the appropriate level of risk attached to each partner organisation. The balance score card is a risk indication method used to manage provider performance and encompasses several key themes that are aligned to Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework.


1.10       Unqualified, Qualified and Adverse are the three audit opinions cast by YTP during their Full Assurance timetable. The timetable is a structured set of Audit visits carried out throughout the year to establish and improve overall contractual compliance from both a funding and quality perspective.

Subcontractor table
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