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2020 saw the start of apprenticeship standards designed by groups of employers to set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by the industry/sector.

Standards focus on achieving full occupational competence with learning activities being undertaken throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. The apprentice is assessed at the end to prove they can carry out all aspects of the job.

An apprenticeship is a minimum of 12 months long and requires at least 20% off-the-job training and a thorough end-point assessment. 

Off-The-Job Training

An apprenticeship is a work-based programme, so all off-the-job training must take place within an apprentice's normal working hours (excluding overtime).

We can work with the employer to decide when, where and how this is delivered. It's essential that this training is delivered away from the apprentice's working duties, teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours required for their specific apprenticeship.

We will ask employers to complete a commitment statement at the beginning of the apprenticeship to set out the training the apprentice will receive, and which elements count towards off-the-job training.

Men at Work

Activity that contributes to Off-The-Job Training

Is the activity:


  • directly relevant to the apprenticeship?

  • teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours?

  • taking place in the apprentice's paid working hours?

If you can answer yes, then it will contribute and should be recorded.

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For a full list and information on the apprenticeship standards, YTP delivers click here.

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