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Maytas Hub

Maytas Hub

Maytas Hub – Your e-Portfolio

YTP uses a web-based e-portfolio system that allows learners 24/7 access and ensures your work/evidence/learning is recorded and safely backed up. 

It enables you to message or send work to your LDT and receive your feedback and plans to be sent directly to you. You can see what progress you are making against the qualification or programme of learning you are taking.

Your Username and 1st-time login password will be emailed to you and your LDT will go through how to access and use the system during your Induction. When creating your password for the Hub it needs to:

•    Be at least 8 characters long
•    Include lower and uppercase letters
•    Include a number 
•    Include a special character e.g. # @ !

To access the Maytas Hub website click here

Maytas Hub Laptop
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