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Numeracy Skills

YTP has developed a numeracy skills programme to help you develop these skills step-by-step.


Using the popular and Industry-recognised BKSB software system along with a subject specialist to help you develop your skills level.

The programme of learning starts by completing an initial assessment, which will tell us what level you are currently working at. 

Numeracy Skills Levels and Equivalents 


Entry Level 1

Key Stage 1 - Age 5-7

Entry Level 2

Key Stage 1-2 - Age 7-9

Entry Level 3

Key Stage 2 - Age 9-11

Level 1

GCSE D-G Grade or

GCSE 3-1 Grade

Once we have worked out what numeracy level you are currently working at, we carry out some diagnostic assessments, which tells us at this level what you are already good at and what areas you need support with. 

Once the diagnostics are completed we then put together an individual learning plan and with ongoing support, feedback and guidance from you Learning Development Tutor work through until you are ready for assessment.

Level 2

GCSE A*-C Grade or

GCSE 9-4 Grade

Numeracy Skills Assessment


Entry Level 1 to 3 assessments are through the completion of a workbook to demonstrate you have the skills and knowledge at this level. This will then be marked by your Learning Development Tutor and Quality Assured by our internal team. Once you have been assessed as competent you will be issued with a certificate. You can then decide if you want to continue developing your numeracy skills by starting the next level.

Level 1 to 2 assessment is through the completion of an external assessment under test conditions. You will be given the opportunity of completing a mock test prior to sitting the external assessment so you will know what to expect. You will need to visit a test centre or come through to YTP to complete the assessment.  

Researching and Writing

Entry Requirements 

  • Learners will need to have internet access and a valid email address to access the BKSB system 

  • Learners will have access to a computer, laptop or tablet 

  • The cost of the course is covered through government funding

  • Learners undertaking Level 1 and 2 will need to be able to travel to attend the external assessments

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